Ski Resort Arber (1,456 m)

It is the most popular and largest family ski resort in the Bohemian Forest and the Bavarian Forest. Skiing without queues is ensured by three cable cars (1 cabin, 2 chairlifts), several ski lifts and conveyor belts. There are almost 10 km slopes which are illuminated and are daily maintained with artificial snow. There is also a 500 m long U ramp and a toboggan run. The area is only 7 km away from the cottage. The connection to the resort is provided by a ski bus, which stops directly in front of the Bayerisch Häusl. On the Czech side, you can go skiing in nearby Železná Ruda, for example in Špičák or Belvedere.

Cross-Country Skiing

For cross-country skiers this region is famous for many well-maintained trails Lohberg-Scheiben (10 km from the cottage) and Bretterschachten (15 km from the cottage), which are well-known for their certainty and quality of snow due to high altitude (1,120 - 1,300 m). For biathlon fans, the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium is only 10 km away. If you don´t want to get in the car, you can get on the trail directly opposite the cottage and enjoy the 8.4 km long Arberhüttenrunde.

Swimming, Entertainment and Relaxation

Within half an hour you can find, e.g., the Aquapark Zwiesel, Aquapark Osserbad Lam or Silberberg Bade. In all these places you will find both outdoor and indoor pools, children´s attractions, whirlpools and saunas. For those who enjoy swimming in nature, you can try biotop Žabáky in Železná Ruda (Bayerisch Eisenstein).

House of the Wilderness / Haus Zur Wildnis

In this Bavarian Forest National Park Information Centre you can see various exhibitions, a 3D cinema or experience sightseeing tours around the enclosure with wild horses, lynx and wolves, which you can observe very well from high places. The 20 m high observation tower offers fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding nature of the Bavarian Forest. A little further in the cave you can visit the ice age. To top it off, there´s a restaurant serving traditional cuisine and a souvenir shop. Admission is free. Access is possible from the paid parking or from the Waldbahn stop.

Hiking and cycling

In summer and autumn, the Bavarian Forest is an ideal environment for cycling and hiking with many marked trails. Popular trails are along the Schwellsteig to the historic Schwellhäusl timber factory and further to the Hans-Watzlik-Hain (about 8 km from the cottage). Very romantic is the hiking trail along the river Großer Regen from Bayerisch Eisenstein (Železná Ruda) to Zwiesel. Other tips for trips: Chamer Hütte restaurant, Great and Small Arber Lake, Zwercheck mountain and Hochfall waterfalls.

Museum Bayerisch Eisenstein

In case of bad weather, we recommend visiting a museum in building of the train station Bayerisch Eisenstein, there you can find 4 expositions. In the basement you can find an exposition dedicated to different species of bats. In the ground level you get to know about peak Großer Arber and nearby natural attractions. The first floor is for all who enjoy skiing or cross-country skiing. Apart from dozens of exhibits visitors can try skiing simulator as well. Second floor belongs to history of local railroad including the construction of the station building itself. Big part of exposition is dedicated to era of iron curtain. Lastly in the attic is located model of the railroad. You can also visit Museum of Railroads which is dedicated to this topic in greater detail. It is located only 350 m from the station.